What they're saying about TLC's The Monastery
National Public Radio
National Public Radio
"I consider this outstanding series a revelation."
"I've never seen a TV show explore spiritual issues in such compelling fashion."
"The Monastery raises profound questions about life."

"Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this series is the way it overcomes how visually and sonically static the environment is in which they're shooting. Not much happens in the monastery, but the filmmakers make the claustophobic setting come alive with strong camerawork and voice-overs rich in insight. Will men like Alex and John, who couldn't seem less suited to monastic life, find religion? Or might they even tempt a monk to venture back to the real world? Even at its most basic level The Monastery can be enjoyed as a suspenseful thriller. But at a deeper level The Monastery raises profound questions about life, in a place that strips away its modern trappings."

TV review for NPR by Andrew Wallenstein
TV Editor at Variety

"...compelling, often humorous drama... The Monastery does succeed in raising interesting questions about faith and existence"

Multichannel News
TV review by George Vernadakis

"In the midst of doom and gloom this week comes a marvelous tonic called "The Monastery," in which...things begin happening that no TV producer could stage or effect. And it isn't only the visitors who are changing in the company of the wise and kindly Benedictines. The monks are working in mysterious ways on all who draw near, even if they can get no closer than a TV screen..."The Wall Street Journal

"moments of great inspiration"
The Boston Globe
Aritcle on Will Morales and Warren Huber

The Monastery "has a profound warmth and charm you won't see in most television series...
TLC has its heart in the right place with this documentary experiment, no doubt...."
~The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"...Whatever their individual reasons for doing so - and they are explored in this beautiful story - they help all of us understand the appeal of monastic life..." ~Kansas City Star

"The Monastery is an unusual and powerful series... "
"The men's journeys are authentic; their experiences and revelations heartfelt and genuine."
Christian News Wire

"Silence is golden in The Monastery"

Times Herald Record
TV review

Article on the production by Steve Friess

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